Hiding in plain sight; Gould’s mouse is not extinct

The fourth paper from my PhD came out last week in PNAS, see the published paper here. Our findings got a little bit of media attention, with the revelation that Gould’s mouse is not extinct! I wrote an article in The Conversation that details our findings;
This adorable mouse was considered extinct for over 100 years — until we found it hiding in plain sight

You could also follow this link to hear me talking with ABC Radio‘s Paul Turton about the discovery, or read about it in ABC News: Gould’s mouse was declared extinct, but DNA tells another tale

Gould’s mouse/Djoongari also starred in a variety of other media outlets, including The Guardian, Canberra Times, CNN, The Times UK, New Scientist, Cosmos Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, VICE, 7news, About Regional, The Daily Mail, Yahoo News, CNET, IFLScience, as well as numerous local Australian and international outlets, see more here. It was great to see our special native rodents get a bit of well-deserved publicity.

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