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Published papers

EJ Roycroft, JA Nations, KC Rowe (2020). Environment predicts repeated body size shifts in a recent radiation of Australian mammals. Evolution, 74:3, 671–680.

EJ Roycroft, A Moussalli, KC Rowe (2020). Phylogenomics uncovers confidence and conflict in the rapid radiation of Australo-Papuan rodents. Systematic Biology 69:3, 431–444, [free access link]

T Ramm, EJ Roycroft, J Müller (2020). Convergent evolution of tail spines in squamate reptiles driven by microhabitat use. Biology Letters 16, 20190848.

EJ Roycroft
(2019). Colonizing rodents overcome ecological incumbency in an island system (Digest). Evolution 73:7, 1496-1497.

EJ Roycroft, A Le Port, S Lavery (2019). Population structure and male-biased dispersal in the short-tail stingray (Bathytoshia brevicaudata). Conservation Genetics 20:4, 717–728.

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A Le Port, EJ Roycroft, V Thakur, SD Lavery (2016) Characterisation of eleven new polymorphic microsatellite markers for the coastal stingray Dasyatis brevicaudata (Dasyatidae Hutton 1875), and cross-amplification in seven dasyatid species. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 65, 234–237.

Manuscripts forthcoming/under review 

E Roycroft, AS Achmadi, CM Callahan, JA Esselstyn, JM Good, A Moussalli, KC Rowe (Submitted). Molecular evolution of ecological specialisation: genomic insights from the adaptive radiation of murine rodents. Molecular Biology and Evolution.

E Roycroft, AJ MacDonald, C Moritz, A Moussalli, KC Rowe (In prep). Museum genomics reconstructs the precipitous collapse of Australian rodents

ML Winterhoff, AS Achmadi, EJ Roycroft, H Handika, RTJ Putra, KMC Rowe, S Perkins, KC Rowe (Under Review). Native and introduced trypanosome parasites in endemic and introduced murine rodents of Sulawesi.

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