5R3A6560 (1)I am an evolutionary biologist, and PhD candidate at The University of Melbourne and Museums Victoria, supervised by Dr. Kevin Rowe,  Dr. Adnan Moussalli and Prof. Andrew Pask. I am interested in how genomes can help us reconstruct the history of life and the process of evolution. My research uses combinations of phylogenomics, phylogeography, population genomics and molecular evolution to answer evolutionary and ecological questions. I am also interested in how genomics data can complement other types of data (e.g. morphological), to understand evolutionary pattern and process.

My PhD focuses on the rapid radiation of murine rodents in Australia, New Guinea and across the Indo-Australian Archipelago. Check out my research page for more details about my PhD projects.

Broadly, my interests are not taxon-specific and I have previously, and continue to, ask questions of a diverse array of organisms. I maintain current research projects and collaborations examining phylogeography, population genomics and macro-evolutionary patterns in reptiles. My honours research examined population genetics and sex-biased dispersal in the short-tail stingray with Dr. Shane Lavery and Dr. Agnès Le Port at The University of Auckland. I have also previously worked on the population genetics of an endangered Victorian butterfly, the molecular phylogenetics of stick insects, and terminal patterning genes in Drosophila.