5R3A6560 (1)I am an evolutionary biologist, and PhD candidate at The University of Melbourne and Museums Victoria, supervised by Dr. Kevin Rowe,  Dr. Adnan Moussalli and Prof. Andrew Pask. I am interested in how genomics can help us reconstruct the history of life, and the process of evolution. My research primarily uses a combination of phylogenomics, phylogeography, population genomics and molecular evolution to answer evolutionary and ecological questions. I am also particularly interested in thinking about ways that genomic, ecological and morphological data can be linked in a comparative framework to understand evolutionary pattern and process.

My PhD focuses on the rapid radiation of murine rodents in Australia, New Guinea and across the Indo-Australian Archipelago. Check out my research page for more details about my PhD projects.

Broadly, my research interests are not taxon-specific and I have previously, and continue to, ask questions of a diverse array of organisms. I maintain current research projects and collaborations examining phylogeography, population genomics and macro-evolutionary patterns in reptiles and mammals. My honours research examined population genetics and sex-biased dispersal in the short-tail stingray with Dr. Shane Lavery and Dr. Agnès Le Port at The University of Auckland. I have also previously worked on the population genetics of an endangered Victorian butterfly, the molecular phylogenetics of stick insects, and terminal patterning genes in Drosophila.